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Automobile Dealership Auction Program

Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. Is a full service live auction company serving all of North East Ohio. We auction everything except real estate. One of our business expansions for 2016 is to help automobile dealers liquidate the excess inventory from their dealerships quickly and efficiently.

Instead of shipping your Excess/Trade-in inventory off to the local auto auction facility, why not use the auction process as an opportunity for your own dealership? Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. Can help you cut some costs and increase potential buyers for these particular automobiles by auctioning off your excess/trade-in inventory right at YOUR DEALERSHIP. This could eliminate any towing/hauling fees or costs incurred by transporting these vehicles from your dealership to the local auction facility, therefore, saving your dealership money. An onsite auction can also create the opportunity for your dealership to increase your profit on these vehicles. The more auction buyers at a sale, the better the potential for higher selling prices. We will open these auctions to the general public and other dealers alike. Auctions held at your dealership could create a significant increase in potential buyers at your dealership during auction hours. By offering this inventory at public auction, we would expect to register 75+ auction buyers at every sale. The more automobiles you offer for auction, should attract more buyers to your dealership for that auction.   

 For more information or questions on our dealership auction program please feel free to contact us at 440-554-9853.