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Retail Store Liquidation Program

Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. Is a full service live auction company serving all of North East Ohio. We auction everything except real estate. One of our business expansions for 2016 is to help retail stores and shops liquidate excess inventory, shelf pulls, returns, and excess fixtures quickly and efficiently.

Holding Public auctions is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to liquidate large quantities of items. Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. is going to grow and expand at a rapid rate in 2016 and we want to help you along the way.  Instead of shipping your excess inventory off or throwing it away, why not use the auction process as an opportunity for your business? Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. Can help you liquidate your entire excess, returned, discontinued inventory, and excess fixtures and help you turn an expense into income for your business. We will open these auctions to the public and resellers alike. The more buyers at an auction the higher the potential for better selling prices. Auction Advantage Ohio, LLC. can offer our services at your location (space permitting) or we can have your inventory transported to a warehouse to conduct your liquidation auction. Either of these options will help you liquidate over stock and free up much needed space in your store.

 For more information or questions on our retail liquidation auction program please feel free to contact me at 440-554-9853.